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Cartilage Earrings Gold

Cartilage Rings and Showing Off Your Personal Style

If you’re reading this, then you probably have a rather unique personal style. How do we know? Because we do, too! We are all about cool and unique personal styles. However, more than that, we are about celebrating that uniqueness and all the ways you choose to show it off!

One of the ways we love to show off OUR uniqueness (besides, ya know, making awesome facial jewelry) is to flaunt our fave of those rings. Among those faves are our cartilage earrings. Allow us to explain to you why!

Perfectly Paired

We all know that personal style consists of many components. We also know that perfectly integrating those components with one another is vital to accurately and fearlessly showing off your personal style. What we mean is, it is important to ensure that everything you choose to wear to express yourself matches, or that it complements all the other elements you have going on.

That is the thought that fuels us in our creation of our cartilage earrings. While our primary goal is making unique, wowing pieces that fit any personal style, we also keep in mind the importance of seamless accessory incorporation. That is why all our cartilage rings, from our 20-gauge cartilage earring selection to our gold helix hoop earrings, and everything in between, are designed to pair nicely with any outfit or style and work great for any occasion.


The most important of ANY personal style is its uniqueness. Even styles inspired by, or fashioned around, mainstream or well-known “underground” styles are always tweaked by adding a touch of our own taste. Whether it be mixing and matching pieces from other style types, DIY altering of pieces, “eccentric” paring of accessories, or whatever else your unique little heart desires, you almost never see two people dressed exactly the same. Hence, of course, the “unique” part.

As such, we understand the importance of making accessories and facial jewelry that is “unique-ready.” What we mean by that is, jewelry that is not only unique in and of itself, but is also styled and designed in such a way that each piece looks good literally any time, for any reason, at any event, and with ANY personal style and tastes. We want you to feel that your personal style is perfectly represented with ALL our facial jewelry, no matter WHICH cartilage piercing jewelry you choose!

Everything from our 20-gauge cartilage earring, gold helix hoop, and forward helix earring (and more, of course!) is custom and handmade so that you can be CONFIDENT that your style will be well-represented and perfectly (and uniquely) complimented! We know that our time and dedication to the perfect cartilage jewelry, and facial jewelry in general, is what makes our products stand out from the rest. And, as we’ve said before, our tribe members deserve nothing other than the BEST of the best!

Be Proud of Your Personal Style

Of course, we are so proud of our selection of cartilage piercing jewelry that we hope you wish to incorporate some of it into your style. However, the important message here is that you flaunt and show off your personal style loudly and proudly! We are ALL beautiful and unique, and we ALL deserve to love it! More than that, however, we deserve to be able to show the world how much we love it. And the best way to encourage us to do that is to ensure that we are 100% confident with our personal style. We do have a love and passion for facial jewelry, which is what got us started. However, we also love you guys, and we want to help and support you in your journey of being uniquely you, and we LOVE it when you love yourself and your uniqueness! Being unique and being yourself is super important, and we heart to see you shine! So, shine big and loud, love who and how you are, and show off your personal style IN style!

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