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The Party Girl’s Guide To Wearing The Leather Skirt

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leather skirt

When it comes to party outfits, leather skirt is at the top of the women’s list. After all, nothing will look more edgy and fashion forward than a leather mini skirt. While this type of skirt is already considered to be the ultimate party outfit for women, there are still lots of women who have no idea as to how they can style the leather skirt. To help you out, we have provided some styling tips on how to wear this ultimate party piece. Here are some of them:

Patch it up.

If you think that a pure leather skirt is a bit too edgy for you, the best option that you have is to wear a skirt that has patches of leather in it. Another way to wear a leather skirt without really fully committing to it is by opting for faux leather options. You can also tone it down by wearing it with a t-shirt, dainty pieces of jewelry and a feminine and colorful bag.

Get a pleated one.

If you wish to still express your feminine side an mixing it with the edgy look of a leather skirt, we recommend that you get a pleated leather skirt. Pair it with a pink or red feminine top like an off-shoulder or one with bell sleeves. Pair it with an equally shocking pink lips and heeled boots. Now, go out there and party!

Go all out party girl.

If you are a regular party goer, then you are fully aware of the fact that the best way to wear a leather skirt is to go all out party girl. The best thing that you can do that is to pair it with glitzy and sexy tops that most party girls love to wear. Of course, your sexy black stilettos should not be absent from your outfit. If it is a bit cold outside, you can keep yourself warm by wearing your leather skirt over sheer black tights and wearing a sleek blazer over your party top.

Keep it as professional as possible.

If you think you cannot wear your beloved leather skirt to the office, think again. It is best that you go with a leather pencil skirt then pair it with a crisp white button down top. Finish off the entire look by putting on your favorite pair of black pumps.

Go preppy.

Yes, leather skirts will allow you to go preppy too. How? Well, you should pair it with a button down chambray shirt of course! Pair it with your cool pair of loafers and a saddle bag and you will certainly look like a stylish college girl.

There is no better way to look cool and sexy in a party or a night out than wearing a leather skirt. To help you make sure that you will look sexy and attractive, we recommend that you follow the tips mentioned above. If you have more leather skirt styling tips, please feel free to share some of them at the comment section!

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