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How To Wear Sparkly Outfits

sparkly outfits
Holiday is the perfect time to don all things sparkly. For one, your sequin and beaded top may seem a bit off when worn on a normal day but during the holidays, it is one of the must have for the season. But nevertheless, no matter how trendy and stylish it is, we cannot deny the fact that wearing sparkly things can be quite intimidating and of course, it can be confusing to some. That’s true even if you are a fashion lover.

Here are some ways to properly wear your sparkly outfits:
  • Keep your neckline high
  • Opt for non-sparkly accessories
  • Stick to metallic jackets
  • Use sparkly embellishments to highlight your assets

Four Stylish Ways To Look Edgy in The Workplace

stylish ways
Your workplace is the last place you would want to wear an edgy outfit. After all, the workplace has plenty of policies and regulations about how you should dress and as much as possible, your boss would want to look like a Plain jane, right? Well, for your information, looking edgy in the office does not mean that you should break a few rules. In fact, you can simply dress up for the office while following the dress rules set forth by your company.

Here's are some ways to be edgy without breaking the rules:
  • Mix simple with eye catching
  • Use graphics to your advantage
  • Opt for unique accessories
  • Go with killer heels

How To Wear Sequin Tops

sequin top
Nothing is too sparkly during the holidays. In fact, the sparkler it is, the better! And that is why you should stop from hiding your sequin tops at the back of your closet. But as we know, sequin tops can be quite difficult to style. But we are here to your rescue! Here are some of the ways on how to wear sequin tops:
  • Avoid wearing too much accessories
  • Pair it with camouflage
  • Add a playful touch into it
  • Make it slouchy
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