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Must Have Items For Pulling Off The Ultimate Androgynous Look

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Lady Gaga

Gender equality is indeed the theme this year, even in the fashion industry! Before, women can only wear dresses and other girly outfits. But now, they can be seen wearing things that only men can wear before and might I say, they are slaying it!

The fame of the androgynous trend just proves that men and women now have equal rights and that is something that we, who have always been called the inferior gender, should celebrate about. Because of this, we all should make it a point to enjoy this fashion style that we have been blessed with. So, how do you pull off the ultimate androgynous look? Here are some of the items that you should have:

Chunky Menswear Timepieces

Gone are the days when the small, subtle and slim watches are the trend. Today, the chunkier the timepieces are, the more fashionable it is! Of course, there are the waterproof watches like G shock, but if you wish to look stylish and polished at the same time, we recommend that you opt for the ones that come in gold and silver like the ones from Michael Kors and Fossil.

Boyfriend Jeans

Gone are the days when tight fitting skinny pants are the trend. Today, more and more women are trying out a more comfortable pair—the boyfriend jeans. This type of pants is quite versatile as it can go well with just about any type of tops. For a more relaxed look, you can pair it with a striped long sleeve, vest and boots. For a sexy twist, pair it with a silky tank top and a pair of heels.

Leather Belt

We tend to forget that belts are actually a fashion piece because we just see it as a functional one. But whether you like it or not, it adds a touch of style in your outfit. Since that is the case, we recommend that you use a wide leather belt when wearing pants and opt for slim knotted ones when wearing a dress or skirt.


The best way to update your fall outfits is to put a vest over it. Lucky for you, vests now come in different designs and styles. Denim vests are perfect for the casual look and can be worn with dress, skirts, pants and shorts. On the other hand, Studded leather vests are perfect for making any outfit look edgier. Lastly, we have fur vests would be perfect for dressing up a casual silk blouse and denim pants ensemble. During the winter season, you can add oomph into your outfit by wearing a puffy down vest.

So, are you ready to look masculine in the most gorgeous way possible? If yes, the jump in the androgynous bandwagon! Have you already tried this trend? If yes, what other items would you want to add in our list? If not, what keeps you from doing so? Feel free to share what you feel in our comment section. We would love to hear from you!

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