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How To Wear The Cami Dress Without Looking Like You Are Going To Bed

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cami dress

A camisole is most probably one of the comfiest piece of clothing women have ever worn. Before, we just fantasized about wearing this piece of clothing day in and day out. But now, there is the trend that we call the cami dress and we have finally been given the chance to wear cami dress, wherever and whenever. However, styling this can get a bit tricky since it will make you look like you are going to bed. Well, here are some of the style tips that you should know to prevent that from happening:

Belt it up.

The main reason why a cami dress looks like a sleepwear is because it doesn’t let you show off your figure. Well, lucky for you, there are ways on how you can remedy that. The best and easiest way would be to cinch up your waist with the use of a belt. It doesn’t have to be a leather belt. Sometimes, just simply tying a small rope-like belt around your waist will do.

Layer a shirt over it.

The wort thing about wearing a cami dress is that it tends to be quite revealing. To remedy that and to keep your cami dress looking as casual as possible, it is highly recommended that you wear a shirt or a sweater over it. Make sure that you opt for a cami dress with a lace detail at the bottom part so that it will show off, making your outfit look unique and sexy as ever.

Keep accessories minimal.

The sexy design and fit of the dress will already make your outfit look unique and stylish. That is why when it comes to accessories, you should keep it as simple and minimal as possible. Avoid wearing statement necklaces as these can overpower the simplicity of your dress. Instead, just simply layer dainty necklaces or opt for a choker if you want a unique look.

Tie a shirt around your waist.

If you love the sexy design of your dress but you want to make it look casual, the best thing that you can do is to get a sweater or a shirt and tie it around the waist. I know, this may sound old school but rest assured, it will amp up the cool factor of your dress.

Wear it with a leather jacket.

There is no better way to inject an edgy look into your sexy, revealing and feminine dress than with a leather jacket. This simple addition will surely toughen up your look.

Indeed, cami dresses are a bit tricky to wear and style. After all, this type of dress is originally designed to be worn on the bedroom. But yes, there are ways on how you can prevent it from looking like a sleepwear. With the tips mentioned above, you can wear your cami dress wherever you go without looking like you are going to bed. Do you love the cami dress? If you, maybe you can share more style tips on the comment section below!

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