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How To Rock The Maxi Skirt

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Maxi skirt

With all the craze over PokemonGo, it seems like we have gone back to the 90’s. But it is not the only thing that has come back from the 90’s. There are actually other 90’s fashion trends that are conquering the runways and magazines today. Aside from the chokers and crop tops, one of the 90’s trends that women are going crazy today is the maxi skirt.

For sure, you are amazed at how elegant and fancy this type of skirt looks. And perhaps, you are intimated by it. For your information, there is nothing to be intimidated by! This skirt is very easy to wear! It is actually quite versatile once you get the hang of styling it. To help you out, here are some styling tips that you should know about:

Don’t tuck it in!

It is usual for people to tuck their tops underneath their skirt. For an unexpected look, we recommend that you leave your top untucked, no matter how long it is. To create a slimmer silhouette, you can just use a belt to cinch up the waist. This would work best with a chambray skirt and a maxi skirt ensemble.

Go fringed.

If you want to keep your maxi dress outfit stand out, we recommend that you try out the fringed type. To prevent the entire look from looking too over the top, we recommend that you balance the rest of your look with just a simple or plain top and unassuming pair of footwear.

Put two different textures together.

In the event that you plan to wear a top and skirt that has different fabrics, like knit and cotton, sheer or cotton and the likes, you can make your entire look come together by wearing an eye catching belt in the area where the two fabrics meet. In this way, there is one item that will make the entire outfit look cohesive.

Wear it with a cropped dinner jacket.

Is it too cold out? If yes, then you have to cover up! You can do that even when you are wearing a maxi skirt! How? Just simply tuck in your shirt then wear a cropped dinner jacket over it and – voila—you have one stylish look that is perfect for the cold season.

Wear sneakers.

If you want to keep it cool and casual, we recommend that you pair your maxi skirt with any type of sneakers. It can look great with running sneakers but if you want to add some edge into your look, we recommend that you go with the ever popular white sneakers.

With the styling tips that we have mentioned above, you can surely be able to rock the maxi skirt. Do you have plenty of maxi skirts? If so, how do you wear them? Maybe we have missed out a couple of styling tips so we would appreciate it if you will share it to us at the comments section!

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