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Four Reasons Why Your Formal Dresses Look Cheap

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formal dresses

Dressing in formal wear is indeed quite tricky. After all, many women have plenty of misconceptions when it comes to identifying what looks good and what looks cheap when dressing formally. Many women think that a maxi dress would automatically pass as a formal wear. On the other hand, there are some women who think that their dresses must be full of embellishments in order to look good.

To help you look amazing during your formal event, it is important for you to determine what are the things that will make your formal dresses look cheap so you can avoid them. To help you out, here are some of the things that you should avoid when buying formal dresses.

It has too many embellishments.

Contrary to popular belief, too much lace, beads and tulle will not make your formal dress look fabulous. Truth is, these elements would even make it more cheap. Instead of going for these very eye catching elements, we recommend that you choose subtle yet classy designs. It can be as minimal as pleats, classy prints or other subtle designs.

It comes in a bright color.

Do you love being the center of attraction? If you do, then you might opt for gowns in eye catching colors like yellow, neon green and orange. However, you must keep in mind that bright colors will definitely not make you look sophisticated. It will cause you to look the opposite. When it comes to formal dresses, the brighter its colors is, the more difficult it will be for you to pull it off. That is why we recommend that you stick to less bright colors like pastels, nudes and muted colors.

It has bad looking embellishments on the neckline.

For sure, you will think that beads or sequins in your neckline will make you look fabulous and amazing. But the truth is, it will just make your dress look cheap. Why? Because it may look like a jewelry but it will look like a bad choice of jewelry. That is why it is recommended that you stick to simpler necklines and just simply wear a stunning piece of jewelry instead.

It has too many things going all at once.

Keep in mind that when it comes to formal dresses, less is always more. That is why it is about time that you let go of your love for rhinestones, polyester, ruffles, laces and beads. Try to look like the grown up that you are by choosing a dress with clean lines and simple designs. This is most especially true if you only have limited budget for the dress.

Truly, these simple elements can easily make your formal dresses look cheap. That is why you should shy away from buying dresses with the elements mentioned above if you wish to look amazing in your party. If you have more comments, suggestions and answers, please share them with us in the comments section.

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