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Alternative, Edgy Fashion 101 and 5 Things in Your Closet to Get Started

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Long gone are the days when alternative fashion mostly meant all-black ensembles (not that there’s anything wrong with it).

As the world evolves, the definition of edgy, alternative fashion changes too. What’s more, nowadays, you can achieve the look in no time and more ways.

Not too long ago, alternative fashion was synonymous to being a metal head, rocker or a skinhead or a punk. But did u know that decades ago, hippies and mods were even the alternative fashionistas? And in the early 2000s, alternative meant emo.

So you see, alternative fashion evolves, much as our tastes in music, literature, movies and whatnots.

More so, people adapt to these changes. They try different clothes, shoes, and accessories and see if it fit their personalities.

This is the beauty of the "alternative" fashion world - there's no uniform way to go about it. You can and should experiment.

Now, finding your fashion style can be difficult, especially when you’re new. But fret not, here are some tips. And u know what? Chances are high, that some of these pieces are already in your closet!


These days, this type of jeans is considered pretty "normal" fashion. Though it was “emo” fashion that introduced this wonderful piece to the world (mostly, in black), Now, almost everyone owns this type of jeans, and it comes in different colors, too. One of the easiest pairs of jeans to match with any type of top. Definitely a crowd favorite.


Another type of jeans that has become a staple in our daily lives is the ripped jeans. It’s considered alternative fashion as it was first introduced as Street/Urban type of fashion. It is mostly seen worn for casual occasions as this look can be give off a very relaxed vibe, but pair it with the right top, it will be edgy AF.


Speaking of the perfect top, another item in your wardrobe that you’ve used, more often than not, for parties (mostly themed parties). Whenever you’re going for an edgy look, I’m sure this is the first thing that comes into your mind. You can pair this jacket with your tank tops, shirts, and even dresses. It’s so easy to pull off, as easy as 1, 2, 3.


This particular item, is inspired by the gothic and burlesque era. It helps shaping one’s body, to show curves. It can be worn inside a dress or shirt, or as a top itself. It’s always good to have at least one in your closet.


Rings, chokers, septum rings, arm and ankle bracelets, if were put together can make a very loud statement.

Whether you opted for one statement accessory like a cute septum piercing, or an arm party of bracelets, it’s a guarantee that you’ll stand out from any crowd. Just make sure it matches and compliments the rest of your outfit, as it may come off as tacky, if you’re not careful. What’s your 5 hot items, those that define your style best? Comment below.

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