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Gold Nose Rings

Gold Nose Rings

Gold nose rings are highly valued and sought by the facially pierced. Why? Because, as we mentioned about gold septum rings, they are wickedly versatile. You can have gold nose rings that are simple and classy, bold and spicy, or antique and timeless. No matter what your particular taste in jewelry, or gauge size, we have something you'll all love.

A Few Fabulous Faves

To get you started on your decision making, here are some of our best-selling, 14K gold nose rings. These all come in sizes ranging from 14-20 gauge:

  • Sunset. This gold nose ring is one of our more minimalistic jewelry pieces. If you’re looking for an accessory that’s elegant and expressive, look no further! We assure you that minimalist does NOT mean boring in our books!
  • Urban Princess. This simple design offers minimalist beauty or sexy badassery! You decide, depending on your mood, or the event for which you plan to wear it!
  • Naughty Bites. By now, you should know (or at least, have an inkling) that we heart our naughty tribe members, too! The Naughty Bites gold nose rings adds a sass and flair to your look that’s sexy, bold, and… well, hot! It can bring a touch of spice to any outfit!
  • Choker. Do you like spiky, bumpy accessories? Try our Choker gold nose ring! It allows you to take the spikes you love from your wrist and neck to your nose, as well! It’s perfect for those who truly love all things alternative and steampunk fashion!
  • Plain Hoop. Don’t let the name fool you for a single second! Our most basic, minimalistic nose ring is anything BUT plain, when blended with your unique personal flair! There is nothing this ring can’t match, accentuate, or express when you truly make it your own! It’s also an added plus if you wear clothing on which more elaborate jewelry can get snagged, or if you’re new to nose piercings and you’re not yet sure which fits the you deep down inside!

New Piercings: Can You Offer Some Advice?

The last nose ring we mentioned reminded us of another important point: brand new nose piercings. If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of septum piercings (or other nose piercings, at that), and the ring for which you are shopping is for a brand new nose hole, let us be your guide!

First, you MUST be sure that your new piercing has healed completely and correctly, before changing jewelry! Now, we don’t mean to be THAT guy, or sound like we’re preaching, but this is the most important phase in your piercing’s lifespan. If the piercing isn’t properly healed, and you jam a new piece of facial jewelry into it too soon, you will never have a pleasant experience with the piercing, and you could eventually lose it! Double check its healing status with the studio at which you got it pierced before tempting fate with new jewelry.

Also, be sure you know to put in your new gold nose ring (or rose gold, or silver)! If you need a quick demo, most piercing studios are usually happy to help you with your first nose ring after getting your piercing, at no extra charge. They want to make sure you know everything you need to know about caring for the piercing they gave you, so that when you show off their awesome work, everyone sees how awesome they are!

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t do a little shopping while your nose piercing heals! In fact, we encourage you to go ahead a purchase the next ring you’d like to use, so that you can change them immediately, once you remove the piercing ring. You definitely don’t want to remove that ring without having its replacement on hand. Any piercing is prone to closing, if it has been without a ring in it for extended periods of time, but fresh piercings are even more susceptible. They will close up in just a fraction of the time, because they haven’t been open very long. So, by all means, shop around, browse away, and ask any questions you may have! We also have some blog posts on post-care for nose piercings, and recommendations for getting ready to change out your ring. Read away, and, as always, contact us any time!

Rose Gold… Really?

Yep! In addition to our silver and gold nose and septum ring selections, we also have rose gold nose rings. Rose gold, for those who are curious, is a reddish tinted gold. It is created by blending high-quality copper with pure yellow gold, giving it a rosy, pink finish. Like other colored golds, it’s a soft metal, which makes it great for crafting delicate facial jewelry. As with our silver and gold nose rings, our rose gold selection comes in 14, 16, and 18 gauge sizes, as well as others! Just ask if you don’t see your size mentioned; it doesn’t mean that we don’t carry it!


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