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Eyebrows on Fleek!

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how to fill in eyebrows naturally

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As we all know eyebrows are a particularly important thing. They help show expression and, honestly, we’d all look pretty funny without them. While some of the latest crazes in the eyebrow world have surprised me, eyebrow care, grooming and shaping has come pretty far from what it used to be. Now, people have even gotten crafty with it, shaving designs and marks into their eyebrows! If you’re anything like me, though, you’re not ready to get fancy, you just need to know how to get the kind of eyebrows that make you wonder where the caterpillars that were there before them went! If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you have caterpillar eyebrows or if you’re not sure if you have any eyebrows at all, you have something to work with. Don’t lose hope! There are many ways to do your own eyebrows, good enough that people won’t believe you did them yourself! Don’t be scared to take control of the little boogers!

The most common way to shape eyebrows is by plucking the hairs. Great idea in our opinion, but it’s not everyone’s favorite. It hurts some people more than others and that’s okay, there are more options! If you can handle plucking, though, here are some helpful tips: you always want to be careful not to pinch the skin under the hairs. That hurts A LOT. Also, be sure to not pinch the skin around the eyebrow. You must use careful, deliberate motions; otherwise, your eyebrows will end up looking (and feeling) like your face was mauled by a tiger!

natural unplucked eyebrows

Another method people use to get the perfect eyebrows is waxing. For those of you who have never had your eyebrows waxed, this is where you apply heated cosmetic wax to the hairs you want removed. Place the waxing strip over the wax, wait a couple of minutes (if you do this at home, read the wax kit instructions CAREFULLY; if you go to a professional, they’ll know just what to do and how to do it), and then pull it off quickly, much like you would a band aid. Yes, it is about as painful as it sounds for some people. However, like getting a piercing, it only hurts briefly, and the end result is often well worth the little sting!

If, however, you aren’t quite brave enough for these levels of pain (and, trust us, you are not alone!), you could also use a razor to trim your eyebrows. This takes some practice, as one of my friends could tell you (she’s used a razor for years), but it does eliminate much of the pain you may experience from

tweezing or waxing. However, as with the tweezers, take care to not work in any hurry. Razors, of course, have very sharp blades, and can slice up your eyebrows in no time. Plus, you can accidentally shave off too much of one, or both, of your eyebrows, and, like with a haircut, you cannot put back that hair!

natural eyebrows shape

No matter which method you choose, there are some other things to help you get the perfect eyebrow shape before you even begin. For example, you could use an eyebrow pencil to lightly shade in the part of your eyebrows you wish to leave intact. Creating this boundary can help you “stay inside the lines” when learning how to master the aforementioned eyebrow grooming methods. If you don’t have any pencils specifically for eyebrows, you can use eyeliner.

Clear lip gloss also works well to glue your eyebrows hairs together to help you avoid removing too much. Put some on your finger or a makeup brush/sponge, and gently dab it on your eyebrows.

how to fill in eyebrows with pencil

If you aren’t sure how you should “style” your eyebrows to complement their natural shape, don’t be afraid to use a makeover app! Most of them feature various shapes of eyebrows for you to apply to a good, clear picture of your face, and you can use the styles to compare to your original, to ensure that you choose a style that fits the natural structure of your face.

If you plan to go to a professional to have your eyebrows done, you can still store copies of the pics you edit with the eyebrow shape you choose. Your professional is an artist, after all, and he or she can ensure that you get the perfect eyebrows for which you were hoping!

Eyebrow Tales

Do you have a special or unique way you do your eyebrows that you want to share with us? Please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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