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Oops! It’s Summer Again!

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Summer beach sunset

Ah, summer days! School’s out, and it’s time for vacations, reunions, flip flops, and beach bodies! Feel free to insert joyful shouts, or mournful groans, here!

Some people look forward to everything about summer,
from digging toes in the sand to shopping for the perfect summer wardrobe and beachwear. However, some of us dread all the sunlight, tourist-crowded stores,
and the very idea of putting on something that doesn’t cover the beach body we forgot to consider since we made the New Year’s resolution to consider it!

We, as always, encourage you to be proud of everything you are,
and everything you may think you are not.
One thing we know you are is beautiful, and no matter what your taste is for the summer, we want you to be it loud, proud, and in charge!
We’ve added a few tips and suggestions to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin this summer. And, for those who feel particularly self-conscious,
I have a little anecdote about a time when I probably should have been a little self-conscious myself.

Summer girl at the beach

See, What Had Happened Was…

It was my grandparents and my annual vacation in Galveston.
I was especially excited that year because I was finally 16, which meant more freedom.
My grandmother had even convinced my dad to allow me to start wearing bikinis that summer, if they were tasteful and reasonably modest.
I probably should have sensed a trap, but I was too 16 to notice.

My grandmother and I were looking at swim suits in this brand-new gift shop
within walking distance of our hotel.
Within 10 minutes, I fell in love with this candy-apple red bikini that came with a tight mesh sarong.
She started laughing when I tried it on, but agreed to let me get it,
so I didn’t bother asking what was so funny.
She even let me go back in the dressing room and put it on right then,
and we walked to my grandparent’s favorite strip of the beach.
It was the start of a wonderful day…

My grandparents led the way, and I was in la-la land.
They were about 50 yards ahead of me when I heard my grandmother tell me to hurry.
I started jogging to catch up, and by the time I reached them,
my grandmother was laughing so hard she was crying.
It took her forever to let me in on the big joke, and when she did,
I turned redder than my new bikini. In my excitement over the bikini, I forgot that I was a size 36DD cup.
Don’t ask me how I missed that while checking bikini top sizes;
I still don’t know. And, when I started running, the elastic in the top allowed my girls to bounce freely… and almost smack me in the face.
My grandmother’s exact words (when she could breathe) were,
“You’re gonna give yourself a black eye!”
There wasn’t enough beach in Galveston to soak up the puddle into which I prayed I could melt!

The perfect beach

Don’t Be Afraid!

16 years later, and a few cup sizes smaller, I laugh just as hard as my grandmother did.
I can’t say that I would repeat that scenario,
but it is my reminder to not be ashamed of who I am and how I look now.
And while many of us (including me) may choose not to run out and buy a red bikini,
we can still celebrate this summer with pride! Here are some things I’ve considered:

  • Body makeup. Some of us hide our bodies because we have blemishes or scars that intimidate us when we look at others. Turn those things into something you can’t wait to flaunt! Don’t be afraid to dig up some Halloween makeup and turn those imperfections into works of art! Or, go the more permanent route and get some tattoos!
  • If there are parts of your body with which you are a little uneasy, get some new piercings or some new body jewelry, new septum rings to draw people’s eyes away from those areas and boost your confidence.
  • Don’t fight the moonlight. Some of us are more comfortable at night. No matter your reasons for dodging the sunshine, remember that there is nothing you can’t do at night that everyone else does by day.
  • Anti-Swim-etic Beachwear. Not every summer outfit must involve the latest swimwear. Stick to what makes you comfortable! Rock your shorts and T-shirts or grab a bathing suit that leaves more to the imagination. Confidence comes from your own comfort, so just do you! There are many stores and websites that cater to unique kiddos like us, because they love us, too!

Perhaps our most important tip of all is this:
DO NOT compare yourself to anyone else!
This is always true, but we tend to slip a little when we see someone who looks like they live for beach body contests or modeling auditions.
That’s who they are, and that is fine!
You are who you are, and you will always feel your best being just that!

Stories of Summertime!

Do any of you have any stories of summers past to share with us?
Does anyone have any other alternative summer fashion ideas?
Please let us know! We love talking to you!

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    Created on: May 27, 2017

    Ha ha I remembered that bikini.


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