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Does Facial Jewelry Mean Something Special To YOU?

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Tribal septum ring nose ring gold

Cover photo - breathtaking @sashu_san wearing Free Spirit septum ring in solid 14 k gold.
For centuries (ever since the beginning of human civilizations, in fact), cultures have implemented unique physical attributes to differentiate their tribe members from others. They also used different attributes to distinguish between the different ranks and statuses within their own tribes. But this is probably something most of you already know.

However, did you know that SOME of this is still relevant today? Of course, not exactly to the same extreme as it was throughout history, although a few cultures DO still symbols of status. Today, septum rings often symbolize different sorts of “tribes.” Allow us to elaborate!

Indian septum ring

Septum Piercings in History

Once upon a time, jewelry (of all kinds) meant much more than it does now. Namely, because each piece was handmade AND was made from any and all resources available, including (but NOT limited to) things like dried berries and fruits, animal bones and tendons, unusual stones or gems, and even sometimes human bones!

Some of these, of course, didn’t exactly last a lifetime; however, in many cultures, they wouldn’t need to. In these cultures, members would receive a new piece (and/or a new piercing) as they rose in the ranks of their tribe. Thus, these jewelry pieces were enough to last just as long as they should.

That’s not to say that any of the jewelry was poorly made! Every piece was made with the greatest of care and most expert of skill. The jewelry was just as much as of the jewelry maker’s skill and status as it was a display of the wearer’s status. The craftsmanship was just as important as the rank the jewelry symbolized, which is a tradition and philosophy we are proud to say we still embrace with OUR handmade jewelry.

Septum in particular, a big indication of rank. Some tribes would use the size of a septum ring to represent their tribe members’ ranks. For example, all the males (OR females, depending on the tribe and region) would get their septum pierced at a very young age. Their first septum rings or posts would be very small, and indicative of their age/ranking. As they grew older, or as they reached important milestones, would be stretched, and the jewelry size upgraded. That’s how historical professionals have been lucky enough to uncover various jewelry pieces from ancient civilizations and tribes.

Tribal Septum Piercing

Facial Jewelry Today

These days, one of the biggest fashion statements seems to be “retro,” or “old-school.” We can see models all over the world hitting the runways with jewelry made in the same fashion (and, in some cases, with the same materials) as ancient peoples once wore. Some people even still believe in the magic that jewelry (such as talismans and charms) that some cultures once revered. This may seem like a disrespectful practice, like jewelry makers and fashionistas alike are mocking ancient cultures to make a profit. However, nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, these jewelry mimicking folks want nothing more than to show a deep respect and reverence for the people of yesteryear! This jewelry is made, and worn, to celebrate our ancestors and their beliefs and traditions.

But what does that mean in regard to tribes today? Today, things like septum and the various styles of jewelry worn therein are more a symbol of fellowship. Rather than differentiating people from one another, facial piercings and jewelry are meant to help us spot like-minded, unique individuals like ourselves. Instead of being a status symbol, elevating some of us above others, it symbolizes our status as unique, setting us apart ONLY in that it represents our open-mindedness and free-spiritedness.

Think about it: whenever you see someone with a bad ass septum ring, do you not think to yourself, “Wow, I bet that would be one cool person to talk to”? Don’t you feel a pull to approach them, on their jewelry and strike up a conversation? That’s because you recognize them as a member of YOUR TRIBE! After all, you already know you have ONE thing in common with them; the love of and septum rings. Who WOULDN’T see if that common interest could lead to a strong, lasting friendship (or, perhaps even more!)?

Tribal septum rings

What Does Tribe Mean to You?

Does facial jewelry mean something special to YOU? Does the word “tribe” have a unique significance to you and your friends? Let us know! We stories about our tribe members’ cliques!

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