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There Has NEVER Been a Better Time to Express Yourself!

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Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child

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This is a crazy time in the world right now, isn’t it? 2020 came full force, and unfortunately, with nothing good. This pandemic is something the likes of which we have not seen in a very, very long time, and the economic effects are worldwide, and rather severe. Not to mention the lives that have been lost to this horrible COVID virus. And the quarantines! There truly are not many people in today’s society who have witnessed something so serious and frightening. Seriously, this whole year has been something the likes of which many of us have never experienced. It has put all kinds of strain on everyone (which, we know, is putting it mildly), and it has taken its toll on everyone.

COVID virus How Can I Have Me Time

As a result, we wanted to talk to you, our tribe, about something really important. In the midst of all the strife, grief and fear, it is easy to forget how important it is to take care of yourself and take time out for you. While it is the responsibility of all of us to help look out for one another, whether it be by following your area’s health and safety guidelines and restrictions, or showing support for, and helping, those directly affected by the virus or the quarantines, it's also of great import that we remember self-care, as well. It can be hard to justify taking time out for yourself when others need you during this stressful, frightening time, and we can even manage to convince ourselves that it is selfish and unnecessary. Well, we are here to tell you that that is NOT AT ALL TRUE! In fact, that line of thinking can be downright harmful to your own wellbeing.

As we all know, self-care is THE most important thing we can do for ourselves. Even when everything was “normal” in the world, we had tendencies to overwork ourselves, push ourselves to our very limits trying to please everyone we are about, and take on way more than we could handle, to accomplish more of everything in the same amount of time. And, as we know, that never got us anywhere fast, except exhausted, miserable and, in no time at all, completely unproductive. Now, with everything going on, things are more stressful than ever, and mostly for reasons that we cannot control. Whether it is a job layoff, or not being able to go out and do the things we most enjoy doing, we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and trapped. As we said, it is a wonderful thing, and the duty of all of us, to help out those who have been most seriously affected by the virus and quarantines. But do not be afraid to take time out for yourself, too!

COVID virus self care well being

How Can I Have “Me Time” During Quarantine?

In some places, the quarantine restrictions are slowly being eased. In others, however, they have not and, in fact, might be tightening. This can make doing the things we enjoy most difficult, if not impossible. Even something as simple as going outside for a picnic or a lovely hike can be difficult, what with social distancing. And, even if those things aren’t difficult, they can be awfully scary. We understand, trust us! But never fear! We have come up with a list of things that you can do to give yourself that al-important “me” time, without breaking any guidelines or worrying yourself to death!

  • Get tats and/or piercings! Ok, so our bias may or may not be showing, but we do heart us some tattoos and facial jewelry! New septum piercings, nose rings and cartilage jewelry would definitely make our sipit high and shine. This is one of the things that may not be possible until the COVID restrictions in your area are lifted, or eased, but you should definitely add it to your “Me Time Wish List.”
  • Reinvent your look/wardrobe. If you are completely stuck indoors, this can be a great way to make yourself feel better! Try taking pieces of your fave outfits and mixing up the combinations in which you wear them. Once you have the perfect arrangements, take your time experimenting with your makeup (if you wear it. If you don’t try out different hairstyles!). Giving yourself a new look can really lift your spirits. And you can either do it by yourself or invite friends over to join you (if you feel safe enough about their COVID-free status)!
  • Get some sun. If you missed a summer at the beach or lake, turn your yard into a fun-in-the-sun location! Fill a small, inflatable pool with water, decorate the area with some homemade decorations, make yourself a nice spread of snacks (and some tropical drinks, of course!), and spend some time relaxing, while your skin absorbs some of that crucial vitamin D.
  • Get creative. Speaking of homemade things, use this time to get creative! If you’re a writer, take the time to write the story for which you never had time before. If you are an artist, paint, draw or sketch until your heart’s content. If you like arts and crafts, order the supplies you need online and get artsy! Knit, sew, use glitter and glam, or whatever strikes your fancy!


The Point Is…

The point is, it doesn’t matter what you do to take care of yourself during all the craziness and turmoil. All that matters is that you DO take care of yourself and stave off some of the cabin fever and overwhelming stress that we all have been feeling. You may find yourself thinking that you must find solutions to all your troubles before you take a moment to relax and have fun, but that is simply not true. Being well-rested, relaxed and happier will make you more productive when you are focusing on finding solutions. Just remember, it doesn’t matter what you do. It only matters that you remain true to yourself and your unique interests, and that you do not neglect yourself!

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