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Gold! It Makes the Piercings Glow ‘Round!

Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child | PataPataJewelry

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Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child

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Septum Ring Gold 16g Kika Von Macabre

Ah, gold! It’s made the world turn for nearly as long as both have existed.
One of the first precious metals discovered on this planet was gold; pure, simple gold. It was a staple in the livelihoods of many, it was currency in many parts of the world for many, many years, and people would even kill for it!
Some of the first, and finest, jewelry known to man was made from the durable, precious metal. One thing is for sure: these days, we at Pata Pata Jewelry love it!

Gold, like silver, is a multipurpose metal, and quite popular.
For centuries, yellow gold has been used to make jewelry that’s worn for special occasions, rather than everyday jewelry.
Today, gold jewelry is versatile, and every bit as popular as ever. In fact, some of our personal favorite best-sellers are made from gold.
Maybe we a just a little biased, but the results speak for themselves, too!

Gold Septum Rings

Our top-selling “Cool Breeze 14k Gold Septum Ringgold septum ring 16g
is one of our personal favorites because,
like our silver rings, its simple, versatile, and it’s gold! 


The Indian Mystique – 14k Gold Septum Ring septum ring gold 16 g Kiera Rose
puts a bit of an exotic, elaborate spin on some of the more classic septum ring styles, but it still has a look that can be worn any time, for any occasion, and still be incredible!

Septum jewelry gold 16gNot big on yellow gold? No problem! Among our other best-sellers is our Neptune’s Child – 14k Rose Gold Septum Ring. The red-tinted gold is beautiful, and perfect for those who don’t wear much in the way of yellow gold jewelry. (Plus, it has a naughty feel to it, for those who like a bit of sexy with their septum)!

septum jewelry goldWe also have the Delicate Beauty – 14k Rose Gold Septum Ring. This one features a more delicate, elegant look than the steamy Neptune’s Child ring, but it still has the same rose-colored metal.

gold septum piercing 16 g onlineWe adore all you open-minded, free-spirited girls out there, and the Free Spirit 14k Gold Septum Ring was made with you in mind! You ladies deserve something that shines so brightly it often looks like its smiling, just for being your gentle selves, and for keeping the spirit of “flower power” alive today!

16g gold septum ring onlineOur Tribal Beauty 14k Gold Septum Ring is the yellow counterpart to our sleek, best-selling silver tribal ring. There won’t be a forward-facing head in the building when you glide in with this beautiful compliment to your beguiling strength and gentle warrior’s firmness.

Like our silver best-sellers, they are so popular because they fit so many styles and face shapes and features. As we previously mentioned, gold, more so than silver, tends to be worn for special occasions, and many of our customers buy our silver jewelry for every day wear, and the gold rings for parties, weddings, etc. We’re not here to tell YOU how to buy or wear our rings, but that’s part of the reason our best-sellers are, well, best-sellers!

For more gold best-sellers, click here.


Despite a best-selling status, we want to reiterate that gold does NOT have to be boring or common! No septum ring looks exactly the same on any two people (not even twins)! No matter how many people own the same rings, each one tells a different story, expresses different tastes, and emphasizes different facial features. Whether it be silver, gold, or any other type of metal you choose (although these are among the most versatile metals we know), there is no shame in “following the crowd” and shopping for best-sellers. It’s all about finding what fits YOU, and what YOU like best. At the end of the day, it’s YOUR happiness and satisfaction with your facial piercing that matters most. So, shop our best-sellers, and wear them with pride!

Questions? Comments? Opinions?

Do any of you agree/disagree with our views on gold facial jewelry? Do you have a favorite piece of gold jewelry; perhaps, your own septum ring? Please, feel free to talk to us about it! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child | PataPataJewelry

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Silver 16g Septum Ring | Free Spirit

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