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What nose ring is best

Guess what? We have a secret! Are you ready? Ok, here goes… WE LOVE NOSE RINGS!

Ok, so… maybe that wasn’t such a secret. But we felt that it was an important piece of information, nonetheless! In any case, we wanted to take some time to devote an entire piece JUST to nose rings, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we adore discussing the subject!

Why Do People Get Nose Rings?

Well, that sort of depends on the person. We, personally, believe that many people get nose rings, as well as other body and facial piercings, as an act of rebellion, or as a proud proclamation of uniqueness. However, since the beginning of forever, people have gotten nose rings for other reasons, including (but not limited to) demonstrating social and/or tribal status.

One thing we have discovered in our time loving facial piercings and facial jewelry is that the “why” is nowhere near as important as many people make it out to be. The bottom line: if you love piercings, and you want a nose ring, GET ONE! Your unique reason is, ultimately, sacred only to you, and it is MORE than good enough to justify getting a nose ring!

What gauge is my nose ring

Story Time!

That’s right! You, as our beloved tribe, know well how much we love our stories! We believe that it is the best (and most entertaining) way to share our experiences, information and tips regarding facial piercings and facial piercing jewelry. And, though I don’t have quite as many stories as some of our other staff members, I occasionally have one that is #relatable.

About ten years ago, I decided that I wanted a nose ring. I had gotten my eyebrow pierced the year before, and I had quickly fallen in love with it. So, I thought that I might want to have more facial piercings. However, I was not sure which ones would look right on me, so I was slow in acting on the fancy. At first.

Then, one night, I literally just grabbed a fistful of my savings, got into the car with some friends, and we went to our fave piercing and tattoo parlor. I initially went just to watch a couple of them get piercings and tattoos, but I got to talking with one of the artists there, and before I knew it, I was sitting in her chair, confessing my interest in, and fears about, getting a nose ring.

Long story short, she talked me into it, and I ended up with an 18-gauge nose stud. Yes, it did hurt, and yes, I did cry (the nerves in your nose CAN make your eyes water like mad, and it happened in SPADES when I got my nose pierced), but when I looked in the mirror, I fell instantly and permanently in LOVE with it!

That is not the best part! Remember the friends I mentioned who went with me and got their various body modifications? Well, two weeks after getting my nose pierced, even THEY thought that I had had the piercing ever since they met me!

The point to this story is this: sometimes (MANY times, in fact), a nose piercing works SO well for people that friends and relatives honestly think you have had your nose ring for most of your life… when, in reality, you’ve only had it a few weeks.

What is the correct side to pierce your nose
Model is Stunning Kate Hunter

Which Nose Ring is Right for Me?

Believe it or not, not EVERY nose ring is right for EVERY person. Being unique means being such ALL AROUND. And, just as with all other aspects of your uniqueness, it sometimes takes time to find what fits best with what makes you, you.

What does that mean? Well, remember when you were trying to find YOUR style, and you kept changing your wardrobe, makeup, accessories, etc.? Remember thinking, “Well, I haven’t had this outfit long, and I feel bad getting rid of it, but I can’t stand looking at it”? It took several outfits, several trial runs with certain colors and clothing cuts and styles, and several opinions from friends and family to FINALLY find that which worked best for you. And your facial piercings, such as nose rings, and other body modifications will surely be no exception.

So, how do you know which nose right is right for YOU? Here is our advice: trial and error. Do not be afraid to try different rings in different styles and different colors. I, personally, hate yellow gold, but I found that the nose ring that worked best for me was a gold nose stud! Don’t be afraid to try nose rings that you might feel you will not like or might not look quite right on you. Your face and nose shape may just surprise you, and narrowing down your options before you understand your specific facial jewelry and nose ring style could well cause you to decide to get rid of your nose piercing before you even really give it a chance!

NOTE: This will also be a good opportunity for you to decide which kind of post you want for your nose ring. Are you ok with the plain Jane nose pin? Are you more comfortable with a nose ring with a nose screw (the corkscrew-ish design)? Do you want a nose stud, or a circular nose ring?

Ode to Nose Rings

We know that you guys and gals MUST have some interesting, funny, thoughtful or just plain awesome stories about nose rings, piercings, or ANYTHING related to nose jewelry! For those of you who do and wish to share those stories with us, let us know! We are ALWAYS interested in hearing about the experiences of others, especially about nose piercings and nose rings! So, reach out to us, and tell us your story!

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