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Why Does My Nose Stud Keeps Falling Out?

why my nose ring keeps falling out when i sleep

We all know the struggle of a damn rebellious nose stud, and that struggle is often TOO real. In fact, some of us get so angry with those slippery piercings that we end up giving up on them (either out of sheer exhaustion, or because we may or may not have accidentally pulled or pushed our stud too hard and stretched the hole)!

I myself lost my nose stud. A friend gifted me a couple of brand new nose studs that I had wanted FOREVER… but neither of us realized that they were just a single gauge too small, until it was too late. It must have been missing for 2-3 days by the time I realized it, and quite closed up (the piercing was only about 3 months or so old), and that was a pain I STILL cannot make myself relive (no matter how sexy the stud was)!

Fret not, our beloved tribe! We have a couple of tips, and some amazing jewelry, that will help tame that wild thing in your nose, and hopefully prevent you from suffering similar fates!

Bigger IS Better (Well, Sometimes)!

Yes, it will be painful, and yes, you may call us everything except your favorite piercing gurus… However, if you have a nose stud that just will NOT stay where it should, try buying jewelry that is a gauge (just ONE gauge!) bigger than you have now. DO NOT attempt to put in the larger jewelry without the help of a skilled professional, however! You can hurt yourself, expose yourself to severe infections and/or piercing rejection, or create a problem that only letting go of your piercing can solve!

nose stud keeps sticking out
Eternal Balance 14k Gold Nose Stud

Or, try a nose stud with a little bit of a hook at the end (a small CURVE, not the strange corkscrew design that your piercing stud had), like the Eternal Balance 14k Gold Nose Stud. The hook will lie flat against the inside of your nostril and stay put. Be mindful to keep your piercing clean, just as you did while it healed. If you’ve unwittingly suffered microtears (small, imperceptible abrasions) to your piercing, infection could move in fast. Also, with the super sexy design, no one will ever know you’re trying to tame a rogue piercing!

nose piercing keeps pushing out

The Lil Chakra 14k Gold Nose Stud is another piece that has a bit of a hook, for those who prefer a more classic look, but still need the support of that curvy metal.

The Placebo Effect… Wait, What?

We know how crazy this will sound; we thought it was insane at first, too! However, one of our staff members had a friend who always SWORE she was allergic to silver, and no other metal. Since such allergies DO occur, our team member, of course, did not press the issue. Until her friend got her nose pierced, that is. The poor girl tried EVERYTHING, but for some reason, her silver-hating body did everything in its power to rid her of the beautiful gold nose stud she had chosen.

So, on a hunch, our friend bought HER friend a silver nose stud. She told a little fib (she had, by this time, noticed the pure silver belt buckle her friend wore), and said it was white gold. The girl took it to her piercer and had him help her change the jewelry, and presto! No more slippery nose stud!

Of course, we KNOW it was nothing miraculous! However, it DID seem that the stud switch achieved a similar effect as that of placebos in certain people. Chance? Coincidence? Maybe… But just in case, we wanted to share that story with you!

how to stop nose stud falling out in sleep
Kali-MA Silver Nose Stud

So, if you’re battling with a stubborn gold nose stud now, try something like our Kali-MA Silver Nose Stud. It, too has a hook, but it also has a longer stem than many other nose rings, which means that, to slip from your nostril, the ring must travel a bit further… only to be stopped by yet another sturdy, reliable hook! If it truly is a placebo kind of thing, the switch of metals could be the most you must do to solve your eternal struggle!

Better Surface Grip

To ensure a snug nose stud fit, sometimes we must have an almost equal grip on both the outside and the inside of the nostril. However, most of us are NOT in love with the idea of having a huge, bulky piece of metal protruding from our faces (especially from our noses; that tends to feel like a giant booger)!

how to keep a nose stud in
Prosperity Mandala 14K Gold Nose Stud

Remember, though, that not everything is always so extreme! We have a nice selection of nose studs with larger, round surfaces, and we rocked those designs! Take the Prosperity Mandala 14K Gold Nose Stud, for instance. It has a wide, circular design, but it’s still very feminine and graceful, not clumsy and odd. Trust us; we would NEVER let you wear something that didn’t make you feel like your best you, let alone ENCOURAGE you to do so!

And, if you almost loved our gold Eternal Balance nose ring, but didn’t love the gold so much, don’t worry! As with much of our selection, we have the Eternal Balance Nose Stud in silver, too!

nose studs that don't fall out
Eternal Balance Nose Stud in silver

Tell Us Your Horror!

If you have your own tale of woe, heartbreak, and madness of the nose, please talk to us! We feel your pain, and we’re here to help! We heart you all!

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