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How To Wear Velvet Like Celebrities


Holidays are the perfect time for you to try something new. At this time, the mood is so festive so you are free to dress in whatever style, fabric or texture of dress that you want. Well, one of the fabrics that automatically comes to mind during the holiday season is no other than the velvet fabric.

Here are exciting ways to wear a velvet dress like celebrities do:

  • Pair it with casual looking clothes
  • Opt for red wine color
  • Add edge into it
  • Go for a jumpsuit

Different Ways To Wear Velvet Clothes

Velvet Clothes
This winter season, there is certainly one fabric that you would certainly fall in love with and that is no other than the velvet fabric. This fabric has become one of the most popular fabrics during the 90’s but it is now making a big comeback and it is for many good reasons. For one, velvet is really soft and extremely cozy. In addition to that, it can make you feel all warm and cuddly in the most stylish and feminine way possible.

We are here to help you make sure that you will make the most out of your velvet clothes this coming winter. Here are some ideas that we have in mind:
  • Wear it in your shoes.
  • Play with textures.
  • Look professional.
  • Wear your outfits with velvet blazers.
  • Wear velvet shorts.
  • Wear velvet dress.
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