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REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY SUPERGIRL - Linda Hallberg: The Mind Behind LH Cosmetics

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Linda Hallberg LH Cosmetics Septum Ring Septum Piercing


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We are very excited about this post! We had the privilege of speaking with Linda Hallberg herself; the founder and mastermind of LH Cosmetics.

LH Cosmetics specializes in vegan, cruelty-free, multipurpose cosmetics. We also learned during our awesome interview that Linda Hallberg is just as unique as her product line, and that she is every bit as beautiful, inside and out!

Linda Hallberg LH Cosmetics Septum Ring Jewelry Septum Piercing Jewelry
Linda Hallberg is wearing Delicate Beauty septum ring

LH Cosmetics: The Beginning

Linda transitioned from a talented makeup artist to cosmetic creator and distributor because she realized that the typical cosmetics on store shelves served only one purpose, while today’s women have little time to apply 20 different types of makeup when preparing for their day (or night).

LH Cosmetics has revolutionized the way many women view and use cosmetics, and Linda even gives tips (personally) on ways to look your best without spending hours, or dollars, you can ill afford!

Without further ado, here is what we learned about Linda, and about her amazing cosmetics!

Linda Hallberg Q&A

  • Pata Pata Jewelry: How long have you been making cosmetics?

Linda Hallberg: We launched in October of last year. 😊 But, we started the project two years before that.

  • PPJ: When did you know you wanted to make cosmetics for a living?

LH: I don’t know. I had no idea I wanted to do this in the first place. I saw a body painted woman in a magazine when I was 18, and I was like “WOOOOOW! That’s what I want to do!”

  • PPJ: What do you feel helps you stand out from other cruelty-free, vegan cosmetic brands?

LH: I think it’s the future. People are more aware nowadays about what they buy. I think we stand out because we are a multifunctional, cruelty-free, (and soon all vegan) brand.

Linda Hallberg LH Cosmetics Septum Ring Silver Septum Piercing
Linda Hallberg is wearing Seduction silver septum ring

  • PPJ: What is the biggest obstacle you've faced with LH Cosmetics?

LH: It’s getting really amazing multifunctional AND vegan products! It’s a struggle! But, we see the possibilities, not the problems.

  • PPJ: What is the most amazing thing you've accomplished?

LH: People do so many amazing things everyday, small things or big things. Like launching LH cosmetics, and [no longer] eating meat. I’m also happy that I finally stopped thinking about what other people think about me. I do what I like and dress how I want, and I feel SO much better than ever before!

  • PPJ: Can you tell us about a hilarious makeup disaster you had?

LH: Hmmm… When I was younger, I was SO tired of my acne. So, I took one of these things you use to prevent sweat (not deodorant, it’s called “Absolut torr"). It’s super chemical and super strong. I put it onto all my spots, and looked like I was stung by a bee [all over] my whole face! It hurt SOOOOO bad! Omg!

  • PPJ: What is your personal favorite of all your products?

LH: Oh, it must be my Infinity palette, because it’s SOOO versatile, you can do pretty much everything with it!

Otherwise I would say some kind of brow product. I don’t go anywhere without my brows!

  • PPJ: What is your best-selling product?

LH: The infinity palette!

  • PPJ: Which makeup products do you always carry around with you?

LH: Tons of lipsticks, concealer, and powder.

Linda Hallberg LH Cosmetics Silver Septum Ring Septum Piercing Jewelry
Linda Hallberg is wearing Naughty Bites septum jewelry

  • PPJ: Which makeup product [type, not brand] will you never leave home without putting on your face?

LH: I often leave home without makeup. 😊 But, if I [must] choose, it would be something for my brows

  • PPJ: Which makeup styles excite you the most?

LH: I love creative craziness when people go bananas with colors, glitters, textures… the looks [that] you can see involve a lot of emotions and feelings.

  • PPJ: What and who inspires you?

LH: All the people around me, my surroundings, music, emotions… and then of course, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!

  • PPJ: Who is the most awesome person you’ve met in your travels?

LH: Oooh, I meet sooooo many awesome people all the time! I can’t choose one! But Danessa Myricks is one of a kind! We all need some of her energy! She’s AMAZING!

  • PPJ: If you could choose, from all people who live today or are already gone, with whom is the one person you most like to work or put on your makeup art?

LH: I would say Freddie Mercury, or Lady Gaga!

  • PPJ: Do you support, or have plans to support, any animal welfare charities/causes?

LH: We are a cruelty free brand, and are soon going all vegan, as well! That’s a good start! 😊 In the future, we will absolutely support welfare charities for both animals and humans.

  • PPJ: What is your favorite animal of all?

LH: I’m a crazy cat lady! 😊

  • PPJ: A question we always wanted to ask you, for we busy super-moms for whom time is so VERY limited… Can you give us a tip, or maybe a few of them… on how can we look amazing in 5 mins? What are the basics we should keep?

LH: Use multifunctional products, such as the infinity palette, to save time! Eyebrows is a really good tip as well. With a pair of great eyebrows, everyone can look more awake in 5 minutes!

Linda Hallberg LH Cosmetics Goldr Septum Ring Septum Piercing Jewelry
Linda Hallberg is wearing Tribal Beauty septum ring jewelry

  • PPJ: Where do you see yourself, and your brand, 10 years from now?

LH: We’re gonna take over the world! 😉 ha-ha… But still with a heart! And, hopefully [we’ll be] supporting both animal and human charity organizations.

  • PPJ: Do you have any new projects or plans in the works?

LH: YES!! We have some new products coming up, but I can’t tell what it is! 😉  I’m super excited about it! And we won’t disappoint you!

  • PPJ: What do you think are the most important characteristic/qualities that a business owner should have?

LH: Do everything with heart! Treat ALL your employers the same, and have FUN!

  • PPJ: Can you please share with us one makeup secret – that one thing to do that will make a big difference?

LH: Break the rules! We all learn to break them! 😊

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