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How To Stack Your Rings Like A Pro

stack ring like a pro

Whoever said that less is more doesn’t know how beautiful a set of stacked rings looks. Before, having more than three rings on your finger is overdoing it. But thanks to the fashion industry, you can put even up to 10 rings in your fingers now and mind you, it looks stunning!

So do you want to master the art of stacking rings? If yes, then you should take a look at the tips that we have below.

Keep it golden.

If you will be stacking rings with the same metals, it is recommended that you vary the shapes and sizes of the rings that you will wear. In this way, you can prevent the rings from looking too monotonous and boring.

Keep it delicate.

Not a fan of chunky and eye catching accessories? Worry not, a ring stack can be for you too. All that you have to do is to get delicate metal rings (lots of it!) and create a single row from it in one finger. This is the feminine way to join the brass knuckle trend.

Mix and match.

Feeling a little bold? Well, we have the tip for you! You can mix all the types of rings that you have—different metals, different stones, different sizes and many more. When it comes to stacking rings, the sky is the limit! You can break the rules and style them in however you want to!

Make a statement.

Do you wish to make the entire look more cohesive? All that you have to do is wear one statement and eye catching ring in your middle finger. Just make sure that it will be in complementary with the colors and motifs of the other rings that you are wearing.

Wear more than a dozen.

If the other tips did not satisfy you, this one surely will! Wear more than a dozen of rings on both hands, you can wear more than two in one finger but make sure that they are just all dainty and delicate so it will not look too overdone.

Decide what metal you would like.

There are plenty of metals that you can choose from—gold, silver, rose gold, bronze and many more! If you are just starting out on this trend, choose one which you think will suit you best and stick to it.

Look for that special one.

You do not have to have too many rings. You can just simply look for a few rings with special details like engraving, crystals or stones and you can nail this trend!

Truly, the more rings you have, the better it will look! To whoever invented this trend, you should know that women owe you.. a lot! With the ring stack trend, it is true that wearing rings will never look the same way ever again! Do you love stacking rings on your fingers? If yes, maybe you can share a few of your secrets at the comment section!

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