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Fun and easy meditation of light and healing

14k Gold Septum Hoop | patapatajewelry

14k Gold Septum Hoop | Cool Breeze

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Fun and easy meditation of light and healing

I invite you to join me for a fun, simple, easy to practice meditation, to help you through those challenging times.
Never meditated before? Not sure what you are supposed to do while meditating? Perfect! Then this one is exactly for YOU.
Join me. Breath, relax, clean your energy field and charge up with pure light.
With love.

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  • Suzanne
    Created on: March 26, 2020

    Hi Dorin, It’s me Suzanne from Tucson AZ, my grandkids still have your lil Star of David that you sent me! I will never forget your kindness! Please stay healthy during this time! Thinking of you and as always, you make the best stuff and the best quality!! I’ll be ordering soon, I need new fun Daith’s. Take care Israel! Praying for all of you and everyone!


14k Gold Septum Hoop | patapatajewelry
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